Kynetic Calisthenics

This program is designed to incorporate bodyweight exercises with an effective cardio routine. Kynetic Calisthenics is the ideal tool to build your work capacity and lay a solid foundation for your physical fitness goals. The methods employed here are perfect for a runner looking to build or maintain muscle, or anyone looking to get (back) into fitness the right way. If you want to lose some fat and keep that muscle around, or need a prep program to get you ready to be a fatigue-resistant animal in the gym, this is the program for you.

Kynetic Calisthenics

3 Month Program

A 12 week progression with weekly scheduling options for flexibility and variable difficulty. This product comes with detailed Instructions and tools to facilitate success.

Enhance Work Capacity

This program will supercharge your endurance, making you a fatigue resistant animal, in or out of the gym. After this program, you'll be able to:

  • Handle more intense workouts
  • Recover faster
  • Exercise longer

Experience & Science

All Kynesis Fitness programs are built by experienced personal trainers and use proven methods and technology to bring you a quality product.

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